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Emerging Portfolio Approaches

We believe that Brain Health product development and clinical trials deserve targeted funding.

Anti-inflammatory, cell therapy & other novel approaches to reducing brain fog, syncope, headache, fatigue from conditions such as long COVID or concussions exist but funding for clinical trials is needed. New stimulation devices are being developed for improving activities of daily living in MS and Parkinson’s patients but often require further evidentiary study to generate insurance reimbursement. Brain health clinical trials are second only to oncology clinical trials in terms of their cost.

Solutions are available, market players are interested

Interventions & therapies FDA approved or CE cleared for other (non Brain Health) indications exist (ranging from N-acetyl-cysteine to hyperbaric oxygen) that are of known, safe neurologic potential. More than thirty percent of football-related concussive impacts are to the front of the face, unaddressed by traditional helmets but easily addressed with innovative, turn-key technologies. We’re working with entrepreneurs to reduce the impact of these injuries & conditions while expanding targeted market efforts to at-risk, vulnerable populations.

The Intent® Team is based in Flint and Southeast Michigan, all impassioned entrepreneurial communities.

We live in the Midwest but work nationally, globally to identify & support Brain Health entrepreneurs and the companies they build. Intent® deploys patient capital and collaborates to catalyze growth for clinically impactful outcomes.

Emerging Portfolio Approaches : Intent Impact Fund

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