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Epidemiology of Brain Conditions

As of 2011, nearly 100 million Americans were affected by at least one of >1,000 neurological conditions.  1M people are living with multiple sclerosis in the U.S..  There are approximately 2.87M TBI emergency department visits, hospitalizations and deaths annually.  An estimated 10-30 percent of covid survivors develop long COVID and many experience cognitive decline.  Around 800,000 primary and secondary strokes occur annually in the U.S..  1M people in the U.S. are living with Parkinson’s.  5.7M people are living with dementia in the U.S. of which Alzheimer’s accounts for 60-70%.  Approximately 4% of Americans will develop epilepsy in their lifetime and nearly 24,000 new cases of CNS cancer were detected in 2019.  Neurological disorders frequently have psychiatric disorder or mental health comorbidities requiring related diagnosis, prevention and treatment.  Disparities and inefficiencies exist in treatment and prevention modalities throughout the neurology field. Yet, technologies and therapies exist and are under-development that hold promise.

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